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Statistics is an important mathematical application dealing with data collection, compilation, organization, analysis, interpretation and representation. This methodology plays a huge role in solving a variety of day-to-day mathematical and scientific problems. What is unique about this branch of science is that it helps you find important conclusions and results from any kind of data. Before you practice the science of statistics, it is crucial to take note of the considerations that are mentioned below:

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The branch of statistics that is used to organize and summarize the collected data is called descriptive statistics. The methodologies involved in this type of statistics include graphs, tables, and charts. The most important aspect of descriptive statistics is that it is highly useful for the calculation of descriptive values in terms of percentages, averages and variation measures. Ideally, this type of statistics is used extensively in the study of population growth, crime rates, income levels of people and disease outbreak.


Inferential statistics on the other hand are based on probability theory and predictive analysis. It takes into consideration methods like hypothesis testing and point estimation to draw important conclusions and results about a population. What you must remember here is that the forecasts and predictions about the topic of investigation is strictly made after analyzing the information collected from a sample of the population. This type of statistics is widely employed in areas such as education, technology, social sciences and medicine For most of the research and scientific study, it is ideal to employ both the type of statistics. The methods of descriptive statistics will come handy in organizing and summarizing the information collected. Also, the tools of inferential statistics help a great deal in performing a thorough investigation of the subject. The assumption and hypothesis theories play a huge role in this regard.

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The goal of statistics is to draw important conclusions and results from the subject of investigation. When you undertake a statistical study, it is important to take note of some considerations that are crucial to achieve the desired results:


Before you venture you into any kind of statistical study, it is important to have a clear understanding of these basic terms – population and sample. These two terminologies act as a backbone for the organization and collection of the data. So what is a population in statistics? Ideally, it consists of a large section of people who are categorized based on various elements. For instance, population in India means all the people living within the boundaries of Indian subcontinent. Practically it is not possible to analyze the data collected from each of the elements of the population under investigation. Hence in order to make the entire process easier and flexible, a small group is chosen from the given population. Ideally, they are known as the sample. In statistics, the sample is supposed to possess all the characteristics and traits relating to your problem statement. For example, if a brand wants to understand the average income of its customers, then they can base their study by choosing a sample of 1000 customers.


When it comes to data collection, you might come across two types of data namely qualitative and quantitative. Any data expressed in the form of numerical is called quantitative. This can include numbers and measurements relating to a sample of a population. Some examples of quantitative data are weights, height, pulse rate etc. On the other hand, qualitative data includes observations, opinions and descriptions of the sample population. This can include factors like colours, gender and educational qualifications.


If you want to do get accurate results from you data, it is important to represent them in the form of a tabular column. Such a representation of your data is called a frequency distribution. Depending upon the nature of the data, categories are laid out, observations corresponding to each category is picked and recorded in the form of a table. In statistics, these categories are referred to as classes.

Ideally, a frequency distribution table consists of all the classes and frequencies of a particular sample. For example, if you are studying the immunity level of youth, you can have different classes like 18-22, 22-26, 26-30 etc. Generally in statistics, it is always important to use the relative frequency of each class. The percentage of a class when expressed in decimal becomes the relative frequency of the class. The ideal way to do this is by dividing the frequency of a particular class with the total number of observations and then multiplying it by hundred. The frequency table also consists of cumulative relative frequency which is calculated by summing the frequencies of all the classes present.

In most cases of statistical study, the qualitative data is usually represented by a bar graph or a pie-chart. A pie- chart is a circular representation of the numerical data. Each piece of the pie is proportional to the corresponding relative frequencies of each class. In order to get the accurate angle of each of the pieces, you need to multiply the cumulative frequencies by 360 degrees.

On the other hand, bar diagrams consists of two important components-the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. If you are creating a horizontal bar diagram, the classes are depicted on the horizontal axis and the relative frequencies are showcased in the vertical axis. What is important is that the bars of every class should be independent of each other. If you are considering a vertical bar diagrams, then classes are shown on the vertical axis and corresponding frequencies are displayed on the horizontal axis.

Use of statistics is highly relevant for any field. It is primarily because this branch of mathematics is extremely reliable, easy to learn and precise. When it comes to business, statistical methods play a huge role in developing quick strategies and product innovations. Even the important considerations relating to marketing and finance can be based on statistical studies and analysis. What are the kind of customers that a brand owns, what kind of purchasing behavior do they display? These are some of the questions that business organizations must keep in mind while undertaking a statistical study. When it comes to development of any country, statistical tools have been a great asset in addressing critical issues like population explosion, infant mortality rate, female feticide, national income etc. The best part is statistics is that it provides accurate data for the government institutions to formulate appropriate policy changes and provisions for greater public good and welfare.


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statistics assignment help online


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statistics assignment help online


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