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SPSS assignment help online

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SPSS is the short-form for Statistical Package for Social Sciences. It is a valuable data management tool that is being used in a wide range of areas like education, market research, competitor analysis and data mining. What is most striking about SPSS is that it simplifies the complex process of data analysis with great ease and flexibility. This world class tool was first introduced into the market by SPSS in 1968. Later it was acquired by IBM in the year 2009.

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Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS) is an innovative tool that will help businesses to experiment with a plethora of statistical functions like cross tabulation, reliability tests, correlation, T- tests, regressions and time series. It is also one of the most advanced softwares to perform different types of analysis like probit, cluster, factor and survival.


The SPSS Data Modeller helps researchers and analysts to build insightful predictive models using advanced statistical procedures and tools. The best part about this tool is that it has a user-friendly interface suitable for all kinds of skill levels. From data understanding to transformation and examination to deployment, SPSS modeler is an excellent to undertake every operation involved in data science management. Modeler program gives an opportunity for researchers to make use of a wide array of useful algorithms like geospatial testing, text analysis and optimization.


The graphical interface in the SPSS software is a handy tool for researchers who are looking to create a visual representation of their data. Creation of pie charts, radial boxplots and density charts can be done with great ease and flexibility. One of the biggest advantages of using visual tools is that it that it is the most effective way to communicate your analyzed data to your audience. From basic charts to customized bar diagrams and graphs, users can experiment with a plethora of innovative tools and techniques. The best part is that you don’t need to have programming skills to create compelling visual representation of your data.


The split file option in the data menu is a great tool for social researchers who are looking to perform comparative analysis. For example, if a research scholar wants to study the birth and death rate of two different regions, the split file option can be of great use to interpret and analyze the data separately. An exclusive feature called missing value analysis helps the user to make further improvements to his or her data. The software highlights the parameters that require clarity so as to yield the desired results. This in turn gives an opportunity for the user to develop more effective methods of data collection, preparation and management. Apart from these, SPSS is a great platform to perform other important functions of data management such as creation of derived data, file compilation, reshaping and case study selection. Data documentation is an integral part of any kind of social research. The feature known as metadata dictionary can be used to develop a knowledge repository. Such a data storage system acts as a centralized system to record the important aspects related to your research like demographics, formats, objectives, key terminologies, assumptions and conclusions.


The most striking feature of SPSS software is that it can read data from other kinds of statistical databases and spreadsheets. Here are a few important components that best describes the functioning of SPSS software:


The variable view is an important aspect that helps you to categorize your data according to the type of the data. Below is a list of the various headings of the variable view that you need to know before entering the data into the software:


Ideally, a data view is a spreadsheet that contains numerous rows and columns. When it comes to transferring your information to the data view sheet, you can either enter everything manually or you have the option of importing the entire file from excel or SQL databases. In case you are importing your data file from excel, it is always advisable to change the file format into xls. While transferring the data, what is important to note is that it is always a good idea to have the data in the form of numeric variables. This is primarily because SPSS software is more efficient in terms of numbers rather than text. If you are importing your data from excel, it is crucial to arrange your data in proper rows and columns. Before transferring, double check if each of responses is independent of one another


The process of running an analysis is much easier as compared to entering the data. Once the data is entered, you can perform the analysis as per the values indicated against each variable. It is always important to click on the OK button whenever you want to run an analysis. The specialized features in SPSS read all the important cases of your data and present an output to you. In case you require a visual representation of your output, you need to select an appropriate graphical format from the menu. Be it charts, bar diagrams or graphs, you need to assign specific variables. These are variables that are crucial for the software to perform the analysis in the best manner possible. Apart from having the right kind of variables, it is also important to include the sufficient number of variables for effective analysis. The OK button will not appear on the screen unless and until you have chosen the appropriate number of variables. Once the variables are entered in the right way, SPSS performs analysis and gives you the appropriate conclusions and results. Once the analysis is complete, a dialogue box named SPSS viewer appears. This is the place where you can extract the complete results. In case you enter more data to yield improved results, then a different analysis report appears on the same dialogue box. One of the biggest advantages of using SPSS is that it is a great tool for business organizations to monitor brand value, loyalty and customer retention. Use of SPSS software in the right way can enhance the techniques and methods implemented for customer engagement. This is also one of the most effective means to identify the shortcomings and faulty practices within the organization thus protecting its image and reputation. Apart from brand image and customer retention, SPSS also plays a huge role in maintaining the efficacy of the human resources in your organization. It not only helps you measure employee goodwill, but also aids in identifying the right talent for your business. Needless to say, these factors have a huge impact on the profitability and revenue of your company.


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SPSS assignment help online


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