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One of the basic topics in psychology assignment help online, is the definition of psychlogy. What is psychology? Well, psychology is the branch of science that deals with the study of mind and behavior. It is a vast subject that consists of numerous subfields like human development, clinical analysis, cognitive therapy, social behavior. Although these subjects are different and unique in its own way, each field of study in psychology addresses a set of questions and seeks answers for the same. The focus problem or the concern might be different, but the common goal of studying these areas is similar. The aim is to study and explain the different perspectives of human thought and behavior.

The detailed explanation of different branches of psychology are given below:


Behavioral psychology is also known as behaviorism, it is a branch of psychology that is based on the belief that all the behaviors displayed by a human being is due to conditioning. In the field of psychology, two techniques that are used to change or modify behaviors are called classical and operant conditioning. Classic conditioning deals with the role of association of an environmental stimulus and a natural stimulus. On the other hand, operant conditioning is a learning process that happens with the help of rewards and punishments.


Biopsychology is the branch of psychology that deals with an in depth study of how the nervous system functions and affects the formation of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The area of biopsychology is also called behavioral neuroscience, physiological psychology and psychobiology. Specialists in this area also study the impact of brain injuries and damage on human behavior and development. This subject also takes into consideration theories from other related areas like experimental psychology, physiology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience.


Practitioners of cognitive psychology believe that the functioning of the human brain is similar to that of a computer. This area of psychology focuses on the how the brain accepts the information, processes it and stores it for further use. Few important aspects of cognitive psychology are emotion, learning, problem-solving, memory, language, perceptions and decision-making.


This area of psychology focuses on the evolution of human beings during their lifespan. Developmental psychology delves into subjects like emotional development, physical & mental growth, social development and intellectual development. Psychologists in this field deeply analyze various phases of human life such as new born, toddler, adolescent, youth and adult. From prenatal disease to Alzheimer’s disease, this field of psychology is very useful for finding treatment solutions for wide range of diseases.


Experimental psychology adopts a scientific approach to understand the functioning of brain and psychological phenomena. Experimental psychology is widely employed in other fields of psychology to conduct research on various social sciences and human development. Using a scientific method to understand human behavior is common in universities, governmental agencies and business organizations. Some of the techniques used in this branch of psychology are naturalistic observation, case studies and correlation studies.


Health psychology is a branch of psychology that establishes a relationship between psychology and biology. It deeply analyzes how social factors and behavior affects an illness or a health issue. This area of psychology is also called behavioral medicine or medical psychology. The study of health psychology is crucial in treatment of diseases and promoting health & wellness. Health psychologists work on areas related to stress management, weight management, nutrition and preventing smoking & alcoholism.


The application of psychology for solving law-related issues is called forensic psychology. It is an exclusive area in psychology that involves the study of the behavior of criminals. Experts in this field of psychology plays a huge role in assessing the mental competency of accused individuals, providing testimony in court cases, counseling and providing support for rape victims. Also, they conduct psychological analysis and provide recommendations for criminal cases.


Counseling psychology is extremely useful in the treatment of various mental disorders and other psychological symptoms. According to the Society of counseling psychology, this is a highly specialized area that has the ability to improve social and emotional health of an individual. Therapy through counseling and support is a great way to solve issues related to personal growth, health, marriage, work and other family related issues.


The area of psychology that deals with the study of human behavior is called comparative psychology. The study of human psychology and animal behavior and closely related to each other. Research works of Charles Darwin and George Romanes are well known in this branch of psychology. The analysis and theories developed with the help of comparative psychology contributes significantly to other areas of science such as biology, anthropology, history and genetics.


Clinical psychology is yet another specialized area of psychology that deals with the treatment of psychiatric disorders, mental illnesses and abnormal behaviors. Psychologists who work in this area of psychology also provide support and treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. Ideally, clinicians work in a hospital setting and collaborate with experts in different field of medicine like physicians, psychiatrists and neurologists.


The branch of psychology that solves the problems in the educational system and students is known as educational psychology. Psychology of teaching, educational systems, teaching methods & techniques, psychology of students are some of the key areas of focus. This area of psychology is crucial to maintain healthy relationships between various stakeholders of the educational system such as parents, teachers, students, administrators, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Educational psychologists deeply study how external factors affects student outcomes. They also provide assistance and support for students who have learning disabilities and dyslexia.


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This theory of psychology suggests that the human beings function based on the interactions that happen within their body. The mental processes that happen in the unconscious state cannot be accessed by the conscious mind. But these processes have the ability to influence a person’s thoughts, emotions and opinions. According to Sigmund Freud’s psychodynamic theory, unconscious state is the most important of the mind that directly influences the human behavior. Another assumption of this theory is that the events of childhood play a huge role in shaping the personality of adult life. There are three parts to the personality of an individual: identity, ego and super-ego. The conflicts faced during the childhood phase directly impacts all these factors.


Otherwise known as humanism, this approach of psychology deeply studies an individual as a whole. The theories in this approach of psychology analyzes the uniqueness of an individual. In this approach, free will referred to as personal agency. In simple terms, this means the choices and decisions that humans take in their lifetime without being influenced by others. Humanistic approach gives impetus to personal worth and values of an individual. This approach reflects optimism of human beings. Also, it recognizes that the hardships and obstacles faced significantly contributes to the self-actualization of an individual. This in turn leads to psychological growth, happiness and a sense of satisfaction and achievement.


This approach analyzes the thoughts, feelings and opinions of an individual in terms of his physiology. The theories in this approach states that all behaviors and emotions have a biological cause. In this approach, the study of inheritance is highly relevant to understand how genes have shaped human behavior. It also establishes a connection between the functioning of the nervous system and hormones in the body. The impact on hormonal changes in the activities of the brain can be explained through this approach.


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