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PHP programming assignment help online

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PHP is a server side scripting language. A scripting language executes scripts at runtime. The purpose of these scripts is to increase user interaction, improve performance and perform a set of tasks. A server application decodes server side scripts while the client’s side is handled by the client application. It facilitates the creation of dynamic content that can interconnect with databases. PHP initially stood for Personal Home Page which has changed to Hypertext Preprocessor in recent times. Scripts written in PHP can only be translated on a server which has PHP installed. From the client side, PHP scripts only require a browser to execute. A PHP file ends with the .php extension. It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf and the first version of PHP came out on June 8, 1995.

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A command line interface (CLI) can be used to run PHP code present inside HTML code. It can also be combined with web frameworks, template systems and content management systems. PHP runs as a Common Gateway Interface application or as a module in a web server. Outside of Web design, PHP is also used in graphical applications and drone control. The Zend Engine powers the standard PHP interpreter. It is released under the PHP license as a free software. The .php extension is used by web servers to identify PHP files and scripts. Other extensions include .phtml, .php3, .php4, .php5 and .phps. PHP files can be written without html tags. These are referred to as Pure PHP files. PHP tags are used along with codes to help a server distinguish it from HTML code. It includes using the word “php” inside a “<” (less than) followed by a space mark. Being a case-sensitive language, it requires focusing on the syntax as upper and lower case commands are treated differently. It is available across all major operating systems and platforms for free. PHP is used by more than 240 million websites along with 2.1 million web servers having it installed.


Delimiters inside the PHP code help the interpreter in understanding and executing the code. PHP does not process anything outside of the delimiterS. This is an abbreviated version and its usage is discouraged because its support can be switched off from the local PHP configuration file.

Variables are denoted by a dollar symbol and type does not need to be specified in advance. With the introduction of PHP 5, type hinting provided functions to force parameters to become objects of arrays, callback functions or interfaces. Hints with scalar types such as integers or strings can only be used only on PHP 7 and future versions.

Variable names are case sensitive, whereas functions and class names are not. Heredoc and double quoted strings have the ability to implant the value of a variable into a string. Statements are ended with a semicolon. PHP includes two types of comment syntax as listed below:

/* */ are used for block and inline comments
// or # are used for single line comments

PHP language and keyword syntax is similar to the C style.


Initial versions of PHP configuration and runtime value settings made few applications vulnerable to security issues. The parameter register_globals opened up loopholes by allowing a remote attacker to interfere in how a PHP script was being executed. Another issue is related to using Dynamic loading (through enable_dl). Zone-H published a report of more than 100,000 website defacements in 2013. The most frequent exploitation technique was the exploitation of file inclusion vulnerability. It involved the insecure usage of PHP functions like include, require and allow_url_fopen


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PHP programming assignment help online


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PHP programming assignment help online


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PHP stores integers either as 32bit, 64bit and 128bit integers that are similar to the language long type present in C. Decimal, Hexadecimal and binary notations can be used to assign integer variables. Variables are used for storing different types of data. PHP includes the following data types:


Functions are blocks of code that are written in programs to execute certain tasks. They receive information in the form of input which is then processed through blocks of statements to receive an output result. PHP includes two types of functions:


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