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We provide nursing assignment help right now. We do nursing & midwifery assignments online for college & university students pursuing nursing as their major. In the world of healthcare, nursing is considered as a noble profession that gives impetus to the collaborative care of all individuals of the society irrespective of factors like class, creed, sex, nationality and income level. Be it an adult, aged, physically challenged or mentally ill, nursing plays a huge role in promotion of health, prevention of diseases and ensuring the well-being of the community as a whole. It is a highly specialized area in healthcare that is practiced on the lines of compassion and dedication.

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Although, nursing is a part of healthcare and medicine, it is also an art that requires unique skill and passion. A blend of knowledge and soul can only bring in the desired results in this process. Devoting your heart and soul into nursing means having respect for fundamental values like human dignity and respect for fellow beings. These values are complimented by the scientific knowledge on caregiving and several core practices adopted in the field of medicine. Due to the specialized nature of nursing, it requires a distinct set of skills, expertise, and experience along with a tremendous amount of grit, determination and mental strength. Get expert nursing assignment help online right now.


This topic often forms an important part of nursing assignments and we can help. The primary responsibility of a nurse starts with the role of caregiver. Continuous care of the patients is only one aspect of this. Nurses also need to monitor the vital parameters of the patients at regular intervals. They play a huge role in assessing the health status of patients and act as an aid for their smooth recovery. By establishing a cordial relationship with the patients and their family, nurses adopt a holistic approach by taking care of their physical, mental, emotional and behavioral needs. While understanding the nursing profession, it is important to note that the nurses work hand-in-hand with doctors and other experts in the field of medicine. In the process of care giving and nursing, all the decisions regarding the treatment and patient-care are always taken in consultation with the team of concerned medical experts.

Some of the important roles and responsibilities of a nurse are listed below:

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These are entry-level nurses who provide basic patient care and perform other monitoring tasks under the supervision of a doctor or an expert medical practitioner. Some of their tasks include bathing, feeding, checking vital parameters and applying bandages. Occasionally they also administer basic injections and medicines.


Registered nurses are entrusted with specialized duties as compared to licensed vocational nurses. These doctors work closely with senior doctors and perform diagnostic tests. They are widely being employed in clinical areas like oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics and cardiology.


Neonatal nurses are those who have specialized in the field of neonatal care. They have acquired certifications and training to aid and care for infants who were born with complications. Monitoring of babies who had a premature birth is also done by neonatal nurses. They also offer support and advice to new mothers on how to feed and care for a new born baby


A nurse practitioner is an experienced nurse who has the ability to take quick decisions on treatment and medication. They have expertise in prescribing medicines and strategizing treatment as well as diet plans for the patient. Nurse practitioners are a valuable asset especially in areas like geriatrics, family medicine, gynecology and palliative care.


These nurses are placed in emergency rooms of the hospitals to handle patients who are victims of accidents or trauma. ER nurses are equipped and trained to keep the situation under control by administering the appropriate stabilization techniques and initiatives. They must also be emotionally stable to handle highly stressful situations.


Otherwise known as scrub or perioperative nurses, these nurses take care of the patient, before and after the surgery. They also aid the surgeons during the time of the operation. Ideally, OR nurses act as a mediator between the team of doctors and the family members. They also counsel and support the family on postoperative care.


A home nurse is one who supports and takes care of a patient within the comfort of home. Home nurses are widely employed to take care of elderly, infants and people with mobility issues. They perform a variety of duties like feeding, bathing and physiotherapy.


Ideally, in a hospital setting, the duties of a staff nurse range from training and supporting junior nurses to administering medications for the patients. What is important is that a staff nurse must have great leadership qualities to manage a group of nurses. They are deployed in areas in rehabilitation centers, intensive care units, cardiac care units, psychiatric clinics and outpatient wards.


These are nurses who have acquired specialized certifications in radiology and areas related to diagnostics. They help doctors and radiologists to perform radiation therapy. Apart from this, they also educate and prepare patients who are undergoing advanced imaging techniques and procedures like CT scans, ultrasounds and MRI


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nursing assignment help online


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nursing assignment help online


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nursing assignment help online


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The most important duty of a nurse is to be a caregiver. He or she should closely observe the patient and his needs. Vital parameters like blood pressure, sugar, temperature etc. must be monitored and the necessary action must be taken after taking expert advice on the nature of treatment and medicine. Empathy and humility are the two important qualities to perform this duty with utmost dedication and sincerity. They must also take care of their social, cultural and spiritual needs and aim for the overall well-being of the patients.


When it comes to finding solutions for treatment of patients, nurses have a direct role in the process of decision making. Doctors give recommendations and solutions for the treatment based on a preliminary examination conducted by a team of nurses. In this regard, nurses have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They must critical examine and assess every aspect of a patient’s health. After the assessment, it is also important to respond to the signs and symptoms and identify the potential implications on health. Nurses must strive to bring in the best collaborative effort so as to achieve the best possible resultsin the treatment of patients.


For the treatment and medication to be successful on a patient’s body, mental health is an important ingredient. Nurses must provide adequate emotional support and ensure that the mental stability of the patient is not lost during the course of the treatment. Here’s where communication plays an important role. They must try to establish a close connection with the patient and brief him or her about the medical condition in a positive manner. After the treatment is completed, a nurse must provide the necessary guidance for caregiver and the family members on the medication and what are the precautions they must take after they leave the medical center.


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