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There are more than one ways to define the term finance. It is often referred to as the field that deals with investments, budgeting, and market prediction, borrowing and saving. Many people refer to it as the basic art of managing money. In many cases this term finance is used to directly refer to money. It is evident that this specific subject deals with money and investments. Investments are closely associated with a number of risk factors and any individual aims to make investments considering that the risk factor is low and the predictable rate of return is comparatively high. It is a broad topic and covers a number of activities that involve money in it. The fundamental concepts that are used in finance are derived from economics.

Finance can be classified into three categories which are as follows:

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Every business runs on capitals and it is necessary for an organisation to ensure that they have enough funds to maintain the business successfully. It is a challenging task to take necessary steps to allocate relevant financial resources and further taking appropriate action to ensure that the firm value increases significantly. A business is an activity and people usually get involved in it with the main objective to earn profits. It is quite evident that all the investments made by an individual aims to earn good amount of returns. Corporate finance has a wider scope and includes valuation of a business, managing investments and matters associated with stock investing. One of the main objectives of corporate finance is to improve the value of shareholders by implementing a number of financial strategies that have been planned considering the objective of the business. Corporate finance involves investment related decision making procedures that can enhance the potentiality of operations in a business.

Capital investment is considered to be one of the significant aspects associated with corporate finance. The main aim of investing capital is to stabilise the organisation financial for a long term. Decision making in terms of capital investment is considered to be an important aspect and is closely associated with capital budgeting. The capital budgeting procedure contributes towards identifying capital expenditures, compares the investment plans, aims to estimate the cash flow in the future that can be initiated by the capital projects that have been proposed and further decides the projects that can be included in the capital budgeting. Poor capital budgeting will refer to making compromises with the financial position of the organisation. Poor capital budgeting is the result of two aspects which are a significant increase in the cost of financing and lack of resources to operate the capacity successfully.

Every business has a number of uncertainties and hence it is important to ensure that the business has planned an effective strategy for financial risk management. There are a number of financial tools available and it is necessary for the business to make use of them to protect the financial aspects associated with the firm. The ability of an organisation to deal with the financial instabilities can say a lot about the business. Financial risk management help to predict the risks before-hand and further contributes in planning a strategy that can effectively work to deal with the risks that has been predicted. These strategies may bring a number of changes in the operations of an organisation.

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Personal finance refers to the financial activities made by an individual on the personal level. This may include investments or savings for education, property or retirement. It also includes the aspect of loan and other financial obligations. The aspects associated with personal finance aim to involve in the following activities:

Money is an important aspect of life and it is important to ensure that all the financial activities are planned in such a way that it can benefit the person in more than one ways.Nobody wants a financial crunch and hence it is necessary to ensure that management of finances is done carefully considering the instable nature of the economy. Out of all the financial activities, retirement planning is considered to be one of the most significant of all the other activities. It is interesting to analyse the value of money in the future and what will be the amount of money required to life a normal life without any lack of money. Furthermore, it is important to consider the amount of money the person is earning presently and how much amount he or she can manage to save for the future. People desire to maintain a proper balance in life and hence there should be an appropriate balance in the earnings and savings made by the person.


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finance assignment help online


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Public finance refers to the financial aspects associated with the state or a nation. This aspect aims to plan long term investment plans that can benefit the public in more than one ways. The system of every state is quite similar, the public pays taxes and in return the government performs a number of tasks that can make the life of these public easier. It’s a simple give and take thing. The government of every state hence invests a significant amount of money on aspects associated with the public sector. These long term aspects are usually of five years or more years. This subject public finance is closely associated with the following concerns:

The public authorities deal with huge amount of finances and hence it is necessary for them to ensure that they maintain a proper balance of income and expenditure. Deficit financing, public borrowing and government expenditure are considered to be some of the important subjects associated with public finance.


It is quite evident that money plays an important role in our lives; hence any job profile associated with finance or financial management has a great opportunity in terms of a career option. Every university provides degrees in the field of finance. A student with a degree in the subject finance can easily find a job in the market. The main role of an individual as a professional, in the field of finance is to:

All the functions mentioned above needs adequate knowledge of the subject of finance and further are considered to be a job that needs the sense of responsibility to execute these functions successfully.


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