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The engineering field that revolves around electricity, and its adherents, is called Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering deals with the application study of mathematics, electricity, computer science, electromagnetism and physics in all forms. This study is combined with the technology of electricity such as electrons and electromagnetism used for the process and transmission of electrical energy. This field of engineering is dealing with the difficult issues associated with large scale electrical projects. In the coming decades, electricity will continue to grow as it is the centre of our lives. Electrical Engineers first design and develop new featured electrical systems and supervise their operation, manufacture and installation. Engineers in this field have to work for designing, distribution, control and utilisation of electrical power.

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In the early 17th century, European scholars got attracted to electrical phenomena. In 1864, Electrical Engineering may have emerged when the basic mathematical law of electricity was summarized by James Maxwell (Scottish Physicist). He showed that electromagnetic radiations travelled at the speed of light and he predicted that such radiations can be produced artificially as well. Later in 1887, Heinrich Hertz (German Physicist) produced Radio waves with the fulfilment of Maxwells law.

The Telegraph was the first electrical application which was invented in 1837 by Samuel Morse. Until some 50 years later, the need for an electrical engineer was not felt. But after the invention of incandescent by Thomas Edison, First central generating plant by Edison and telephone by Alexander Bell created the demand of electric field.

With the implementation of the Law of Induction by Michael Faraday, actual design and manufacturing of electrical devices started in late 19th century. Introduction of Electrical technologies in industries, businesses and homes marked the Modern Age.

In electrical engineering, prominent pioneers like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, George Westinghouse and Philo T. Farnsworth changed the concept and ideas about electron into practical systems and devices that guided Modern Age. Since the beginning of technologies, electrical engineering has branched out into a specialized number of categories including control, motors, power generation, microelectronics, digital computers, batteries and transmission system.

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Electrical Engineers have to visit different sites to resolve the complexity of equipment and projects but generally, they work indoors in research and development industries, federal government industries, engineering service sectors, information technology units and telecommunication & manufacturing industries.


Here are some daily job responsibilities of electical engineers:


It is difficult for electrical industry workers to maintain a variety of skills to manage their activities. Consulting electrical engineers is the need of our in this new field. Education for these electrical functions should be highest. As leadership roles are asked to fill in major laboratories before doing a doctorate in engineering. Positions like supervision of manufacturer, product development, quality and designer controller require a Masters degree in specialized new fields. However Electrical engineers are not only limited to the above industries, as they are high in demand in below areas


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electrical engineering assignment help online


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electrical engineering assignment help online


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Electronics & Computers was the largest branch which was introduced in World War II. Another branch was concerned with the application power and electric light. This power branch includes planning, designing and manufacturing of transmission lines, motors, generators, turbines and lighting system. A third major field is related to optical fibre networks, satellite communication and telephony. It helped to share a strong bond between communication satellites and electronic computers. Some of the major active sub-disciplines in Electrical Engineering are given below:


Electrical Engineers have to produce advanced system and efficient technologies. They should have good interest in maths, physics and quantum mechanics to work on control and electrical equipment efficiently. To get into the Electrical Course you have to secure good percentage in Senior Secondary Education, enjoy technical designs, able to analyse problems and work independently.


Employment of Electrical Engineers will grow 4 per cent till 2022 according to BLS (US Bureau of Labour Statistics). The new area of technologies will drive electrical engineers to be expertise in developing and innovating new technologies


  • Recent graduate electrical engineer salary range is $55,000 to 76,913
  • Electrical Engineer with a master degree and 8-10 years’ experience salary range is $80,067 to $108,145
  • Senior Electrical Engineer salary range is $100,045 to $140,297

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