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The Boston Tea Party is one of the massive political revolutions in world history. This historical movement began at Boston, Massachusetts on December 16, 1773. This was the time when the British Government had introduced the Tea Act in its American colonies. The primary aim of such an act was to persuade the colonized people to buy their tea. The tea was sold at a very nominal price with a tax associated with it. What is so significant about this political protest is that it paved way for the American Revolution that led to popularity of the great American dream.

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Britain witnessed a tremendous economic breakdown in 1760s. In an effort to balance its accounts, the British Parliament began to levy a number of taxes in its American colonies. The first one of the series was the Stamp Act of 1765, which imposed taxes on all kinds of printed paper. The Townshend Act of 1767 was passed in order to levy taxes on stable goods like paint, glass and paper. Levying heavy taxes from its American colonists was a tactic used by Britain to get rid of its growing debts that emerged as a result of widespread colonization. Although the American colonists strongly objected such an act, they were quite powerless and voiceless with no representation in the British Parliament.


Boston Tea Party, one of world’s greatest political movements that took place at Griffin’s wharf at Boston on 16 December 1773. In order to express their anger and objection, a group of colonists dumped 45 tonnes of tea into the harbor. These tea loads were predominantly imported by the East India Company from other parts of the world. When it comes to the world history, this is a significant political development in the sense that it was a major act of defiance from the American colonists. Britain understood that the people in their 13 American colonies are not going to tolerate their tyranny and subjugation.


On 5th March 1770, a street brawl broke out when a group of American colonists hurled snow balls at the British soldiers who were guarding the Boston Customs House. The British Government immediately deployed reinforcements to retaliate against the angry colonists. The soldiers opened fire on the protesters, killing five and injuring six. This is the reason why this event was called the Boston Massacre of 1770.


In an effort to pacify the colonists, the British decided to repeal most of taxes that they had imposed except for the tea tax. On the other hand, the American colonists continued their defiance by boycotting the tea sold by the East India Company. They also indulged in smuggling of tea from other parts of the world. Some of the popular tea smugglers at that time were John Hancock and Samuel Adams. They were active members of the Boston Tea Party who ensured that the objectives of this massive political movement protected the interests of tea smugglers in America. The huge increase in the amount of surplus tea stock eventually led the British Government to bankruptcy. When the Tea Act was passed in the year 1773, the British Parliament allowed the Government to sell the tea to the colonies which are free of extra duties and taxes. But, the bitter truth was that the East India Company still levied tea tax when it reached the colonial ports.


The American colonists who were protesting against the Tea Act were called the Sons of Liberty. After the enactment of Tea Act, the East India Company sent three ships (namely Beaver, Eleanor and Dartmouth) with tons of tea into the Boston harbor. But, as expected, the Sons of Liberty protested and boycotted the unloading of the tea from the ships. On the other hand, as a measure of their retaliation, then Governor of East India Company Thomas Hutchison pressurized the colonists to pay the taxes and unload the tea in the Boston harbor.


For the American colonists, Boston Tea Party was an act of defiance. What was most striking about this political movement was that there was no damage to life and property. It was a non-violent mode of retaliation. There are some news reports stating that the protesters even cleaned the ship decks before their dispersal. It was interesting to note that few of the colonists impersonated themselves to participate in the Tea Party. One of the leaders who got arrested on charges of impersonation was Francis Akeley


One of the major consequences of the Boston Tea Party was the passing of The Intolerable Acts by the British Parliament. This was an act of retaliation from the side of East India Company in order to punish the American colonists for protesting against the Tea Act. Earlier known as Coercive Acts, the Intolerable Acts consisted of following provisions:

The main aims of the introduction of the Intolerable Acts were to suppress the American colonists. But, the British Government terribly failed in this regard. The reality was that it only intensified the protests. At this stage, what was most striking is that people from other colonized states expressed their solidarity for the people of Boston.


A year later, on March 1774, around 60 Boston citizens boarded a ship called Fortune and disposed about 30 chests of tea into the sea. This event came to be known as the second Boston Tea Party. Unfortunately, this movement did not become massive like that of the previous one. But, people of Boston did not give up that easily. Occasional dumping of loads of tea became a common sight in the harbor.


Most of the leaders of the Boston Tea Party felt that the steps taken by the British Government is too harsh. In order to condemn the efforts taken by the British Government to retaliate their efforts, the representatives from each of America’s colonist states came together and held a meeting at the Carpenter Hall, Philadelphia. This was one of the landmark events in the history of America known as the First Continental Congress. The main objective of this meeting was to discuss the ways in which they can oppress the British Government. After a series of discussions and meetings, the Continental Congress drafted a declaration with a few clear objectives:

What was best about this Congress was that every representative got an opportunity to voice their opinions and suggestions on how they can build an independent America. But, none of the demands of the Continental Congress was taken into consideration by the British Government and this led to the advent of the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party was indeed successful in sowing the seeds for the Declaration of American Independence. In 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed and America attained its freedom from the British colonialism.


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