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Accounting is a part of finance that deals with the systematic maintenance of the financial transactions of any organization. It is an important concept that will help you to understand the performance of a company with the help of some tangible parameters. The process of accounting involves summarizing, analyzing and recording of the financial data for a particular period of time.


Cost accounting is the branch of accounting that focuses on an organization’s cost of production. It is a process which thoroughly assesses every input cost involved at every stage of production. For instance, the depreciation of capital equipment. In order to measure the financial performance of a company, cost accounting will first measure the individual input costs and then compare these results with the actual or the output costs. Cost accounting is also known as Managerial Accounting.


Financial accounting is the most commonly employed method of accounting. Financial accounting is also known as Book-keeping. It is completed based on the monetary transactions of the company. Ideally, the financial transactions for various business operations are summarized, analyzed and presented in an accurate format in the form of a balance sheet or an income statement. The final reports prepared using financial accounting are usually meant for the senior members of the management as well the creditors and shareholders of the company. An important point to note that these financial reports is that they are always subject to the process of statutory audit that is put in place according to the standardized rules and regulations.


Managerial accounting is also known as Cost Accounting which we have already discussed above.

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A transaction refers to any activity in the business that deals with an exchange of money between two parties. In others words any event that changes the financial position of the company. For example, purchase of raw materials from a vendor and making the necessary payment for it. This process can be classified into two: cash and credit. When the payment is settled in terms of cash immediately after receiving the goods and services is called cash transaction. Credit transaction happens when the payment is given at a future date as per the agreement put in place by two parties.


Asset is a common term used to refer to all the resources owned by an organization to run various business operations for the purpose of generating revenue. These can be tangible or intangible. Tangible assets are those which can be touched, felt or seen. In other words, these are physical assets like office equipment, building or property, factory etc. On the other hand, intangible assets have no physical existence, but it continues to add value to the organization. For instance, patents, copyrights, creative materials and good will can come under intangible assets.


This takes into consideration the amount of money that an organization owes to third parties. Suppose if the company has taken any loan from the bank, it is the responsibility of the organization to repay the loan amount along with the appropriate loan interest. Depending upon the time period of liabilities, it is classified into two: short term or current and long term or non-current. Current liabilities include those transactions that needs to be settled within 12 months after the reporting date. Those transactions which has a longer settling time comes under non-current liabilities. For instance, bank loan taken for 10 years and debentures issued.


The amount of money invested in any business activity by its proprietor or the partners is called capital. It can be in the form of goods, cash or human resources. In the world of finance, the capital invested by the owners is a part of liability that needs to settled only duringan event of closure or transfer of the organization. In the case of corporate organizations, capital is usually referred to as share capital.


Otherwise known as owner’s equity, it is excess of the total assets of the company when compared to the total liabilities. There will be significant increase in the Networth if the business is profitable. After the payment of all liabilities, this amount is to be paid to all the partners and proprietors of the company in case of a shut down or transfer of the organization.


The amount spent on buying or acquiring fixed assets for the company is called capital expenditure. For instance, the money spent on buying machinery for the factory. The money invested for enhancing the production efficiency also becomes a part of capital expenditure.


The amount invested on producing the revenue for a particular period of time is known as revenue expenditure. Ideally, the salary of employees, insurance, and travel expenses comes under revenue expenditure. Usually, revenue expenditure leads to the reduction of profits of an organization.


This is a detailed statement of the revenue earned along with the necessary expenses that the company had to bear to earn this revenue. Income statement outlines the profit and the loss incurred by the organization during a particular accounting period.


A balance sheet depicts the financial situation of a business for a particular date. It clearly exhibits the assets, liabilities and capital. This gives owners of the business a clear understanding on how much they own to the creditors. Balance sheet also takes into consideration the profit and loss calculated as part of the income statement.


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